Demography and immigration: france clarifies its position

demography and immigration: france clarifies

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The high fertility level in the country, which has been stable for a long time, is not due to immigrants "Inflated", according to the National Institute for Demographic Research

Population figures have become a political ie in recent years. Most strikingly in Israel, where some even speak of a "demographic war" talk of a demographic war between Jewish and Muslim Israelis. In Europe, too, there is a politically underpinned interest in viewing population statistics against the background of population growth due to immigrants, especially from Islamic countries.


Fast track to war

Bundestag to decide on sending new soldiers to Kunduz, Afghanistan. What was unthinkable only a few years ago has now become routine.

In the night from Monday to Tuesday, the UN Security Council in New York decided to expand the mandate of the ISAF force in Afghanistan, following a request from Germany. If the Foreign Office in Berlin has its way, German troops will be stationed in Kunduz, Afghanistan. So far, the ISAF mandate is limited to the capital Kabul. The Bundestag is expected to pass a resolution next week on sending more Bundeswehr soldiers to Afghanistan.

Approval will come from most parliamentary groups. Perhaps a Christian Strobele will object to the posting, or one of the two non-factional members of parliament for the PDS. That the discussion is not really taken seriously is indicated by two circumstances. First, NATO, which currently leads the ISAF force in Afghanistan, already approved the German project last week. If the Bundestag should agree, so it was announced, an advance command of 70 soldiers could be sent immediately. Which, in reverse, means that they are already ready to march.


Way with the microgegressions

The latest trend of American sexism debate

In the media, it is always about sexism: one believes the subordinations, then sexist discrimination, sexist insult, sexist discrimination and sexist advertising on the agenda. In the ie of the science magazine nature of 28. April 2016 a biology professor is now criticizing subtle sexism. Behind seemingly harmless remarks often conflict an aggressive potential, which, in their opinion, women from science – and analogue probably also other work areas -. What has it on himself with the microgegressions?

It seems to be a paradox of gender equality: the better it goes to women in comparison with manners, the stronger, supposed and real disadvantages of women are publicly denounced. At present, the surprisents of the Silvestern End from the Federal Minister of Justice Maas are instrumentalized in order to (once again) to prepare the rape-saving paragraph in the Criminal Code and to ban sexist advertising.


Is the spanish “social security insolvent”?

Is the Spanish'sozialversicherung zahlungsunfahig'?

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The Court of Audit has found a system that ran up a deficit of almost 100 billion euros between 2010 and 2017 alone

"The social security system is insolvent", had a sensationalist headline in the conservative newspaper El Mundo on Tuesday, as it reported a deficit of nearly 100 billion euros between 2010 and 2017. Thus, the Spanish Court of Audit felt compelled to respond to the Alarm Report, which was based on figures from Kostenhuter. In fact, as early as the end of 2017, the Court of Auditors had ied a "negative net assets" of almost 14 billion euros were found and the deficit between 2010 and 2017 was identified.