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Finally: A glass that never gets empty – because it knows when it’s time for a refill and calls the waiter at the same time

The glass of the future: It was developed by the North American arm of the Mitsubishi Electric Company. It is called iGlassware and it looks like it can’t drink any water. It doesn’t, but the glass of the future is intelligent: it knows when it’s time for your next drink and it can order better than you because it’s telepathically connected to the waiter.

Let it be used!

Bottom of the "iGlassware"


Contact to et spat at the latest in 30 years

Futurologist Allen Tough over laser messages, interstellar probes and galactic projects

In addition to the SETI Institute is also searched differently after Auberrard intelligence. As in their opinion, it is not possible to extinguish that Auberrish civilizations overweight our earthly telecommunications, a group under the direction of Professor Allen Tough has been publishing an invitation to ET in the World Wide Web for some time.

Dr. Allen Tough is a dazzling figure of the Scientific Community. His original research area Adult Learning Teached the emeritized professor long at the Canadian University of Toronto. Without having to deal with Tough’s work, so a colleague, you can not have an appreciation, which researcher and adventure spirit is behind its quiet species hiding and how much he enriched science with his ideas and thoughts.


Promoting reading

World Book Day

With Wole Soyinka, the first African Nobel Prize winner in literature, a series of events for World Book Day, now in its sixth year, begins the evening before. Soyinka will read at the House of Cultures from the book "The burden of remembering" reading. The launch event on 22. April becomes starting from 18 o’clock live in the Internet under book ubertragen.

15.000 balloons will be released on 23. April launched to promote reading. The event was initiated in 1995 by the United Nations cultural organization. The proclaimed day is to put the book as a medium in the center, in order to contribute in such a way also to the Volkerverstandigung. In addition to the main event in Berlin, some 4.000 bookstores and publishers in the actions.