Pakistan: asia bibi released

Pakistan: Asia Bibi released

Asiq Masih, the husband of Asia Bibi. Photo: License: CC BY-SA 2.0

Whereas of the Blasphemy acquired Christin is kept secret, Islamists continue to demand the death penalty

The last week from the accusation of the Blasphemy acquitted Pakistani Christin Asia Bibi (cf. God’s awareness of a Christin in Pakistan) was released after a tweet of the EU Parliamentary Thrassis Antonio Tajani and a report by Vatican News from the custody and to one "secure place" spent on which her husband ASIQ Masih removal.


“Extremely overenthusiastic”

Sorable election preparations in Iraq

Three days until "Big Day" in Iraq, the day of the controversial choice, which is accompanied by secretary preparations. The business of the arms handlers in Baghdad boomes; Not only private individuals, also party politicians make provision for election day. The prices on the black market for handguns have risen after three-month lull again, "a big possibility to make profit.

The elections are the main factor for the revival of the business". Optimism, however, on the part of the "Independent election commission in Iraq" (Independent Electoral Commission of IRAQ – IECI): The more and more priganting on the polling stations in the last few days had no covert effect on the preparations for Sunday, dear on yesterday’s press conference


“Bitter reasons” for country match cancellation

In order to protect the population, Interior Minister de Maizière did not want to say anything more about the short-term decision: "Some of these answers will unsettle the population"

It’s all about the message, the national coach explained before the test match against the Netherlands, after his team had to spend the night in the dressing room at the previous match in Paris, because of the terrorist attacks. The symbolic, not the sporting, was in the foreground, stressed Jogi Low. The match was to be "Symbol against hate and violence" become, with a "clear message" – a "Clear symbol of freedom and democracy".

Chancellor Merkel and high-ranking politicians wanted to come, including Sigmar Gabriel. The match in the HDI Arena was cancelled at short notice, however, a quarter of an hour before the access to the stadium was opened. "Bitter", said Interior Minister de Maizière at the press conference that "good, bitter reasons" had to cancel the game. He wants to take a leap of faith.


On the trail of the secret of our universe

Planck – a European time machine in search of the origin of all life

Every time you look at the sky, you make a little trip through time. When you look at a star that is 100,000 light years away from Earth, you see it as it was 100,000 years ago. It took all this time for his light to make him visible to us – a little human excursion into our prehistory. The path of the new European mission Planck leads much deeper into the past, on the traces of our origin – to the beginnings of our universe, about 13.7 billion years back in our time. It is to "first light" determine what carries information about our past and future – by observing the "oldest" detectable radiation, it will see the universe as it was almost at its origin.

Planck – on the tracks of our universe. Image: ESA


Terrorist attack overshadows geneva agreement

The new Israeli-Palastinian peace plan, which is rejected by the Israeli and American governments, could gain momentum

Shortly after the U.S. government vetoed a resolution in the U.N. Security Council condemning Israel’s construction of a wall in the West Bank, three American security forces from Dyncorp were killed Wednesday in an attack in the Gaza Strip on a convoy of U.S. vehicles carrying American diplomats. Palestinian President Yasser Arafat condemned the attack, Hamas and Islamic Jihad declared they had nothing to do with it, U.S. President Bush accused the Palestinian Authority of failure to fight terrorism and implement reforms.

Palestinian police yesterday arrested five suspected members of the previously unknown "Committees for Popular Resistance" and are associated with the attack. They are said to be former security forces of the Palestinian Authority and Fatah members.


Yet another database break-in by thieves in the u.s

over 100.000 credit card details were presumably stolen by crackers

This time it involves a chain of shoe stores. DSW Shoe Warehouse was alerted to suspected activity by a credit card company and reported the incident on 4. March of the police. However, the customers were apparently not identified until 8. The parent company, Retail Ventures, informed the company of the incident on March. Credit card companies and banks have been informed, and customers are being asked to keep a close eye on their credit card accounts.

It is still unknown how the thieves got into the database, in which customer data of 103 of the 175 stores were stored. The Secret Service is trying to figure this out. The exact number of customers affected is not yet known, but the Secret Service believes that "Hundreds of thousands" from. The fact that the company did not notice the burglary itself suggests insufficient security precautions. Customers who have made a purchase from the chain in the last few months were affected.


Nsa spah program: snowden answers eu parliamentarians

"Were you remember if you are looking for intelligence services due to your political convictions?"

New enthusiasts does not pack Edward Snowden in his answers to questions from some, selected EU parliamentarians. He does not want to anticipate the journalists who evaluate his material as he emphasizes in several places. But in the 12-page document that has been published today, as always interesting details can be found. In the wise, pracisential description of the situation, the monitoring capacity and the concept behind the intelligence gross access, it delivers the parliamentarians – so they are ready – a convincing antidote against the phrase building, with which the US and friendly governments the massive burglary in the Private Save of Burgern and business secrets of companies to warm and legitimize.

We should be worried. This is the recurring message of the statements Snowdens, which was announced in February as an important testimony of testimony, whereupon there are a few days later struck that the thing was premier burst, because one did not agree on the survey.