Torture for freedom

Do the prisons of the liberal rule of law stand up to the endurance test of terrorist suicide bombers??

What for Jack Bauer, special agent of the CTU and action hero of the cult series "24", What has long been part of professional life, namely torturing or deliberately killing people in order to learn more about the nature and circumstances of possible attacks or to infiltrate criminal organizations instead, has so far been forbidden in a democratic constitutional state. Whether this will continue to be the case in the future or whether this practice will soon have to be changed has been the subject of heated and controversial debate in recent weeks, both on the opinion pages (Floskel; Pro; Kontra) and in the upscale German feuilleton (Ganz gleich zu welchem Zweck; Was verteidigen wir; Es geht ums Prinzip). At the heart of the matter has always been the question of whether, in order to prevent the deaths of hundreds of others, law enforcement officials should be legally and/or ethically permitted or even required to subject persons suspected of planning an assassination, of complicity or of assisting in it, to painful torture "Special treatment" to be subjected to.

Torture for freedom

As one of the means against terrorists, I consider torture or the threat of torture to be legitimate.


Erdogan wants refugee summit with merkel, macron and putin

Erdogan wants refugee summit with merkel, macron and putin

US-Turkish patrol in northern Syria. Image: U.S. Department of Defense/Free Public Domain

His plan to distract from domestic problems through political success has failed

After President Erdogan was rebuffed by Russian President Putin and Iranian President Ruhani for his plans in the northwestern province of Idlib, further refugee flows from this region toward the Turkish border can be expected. Now he tries it with a new one "Refugee Summit" with German Chancellor Merkel, Putin and French President Macron.


Deputies treated like schoolchildren

Even with Australian deputies, filters for Internet access are installed

Australian parliamentarians are obvious. Since the 1.1.In 2000, the controversial censorship law came into force for the Internet, by the obscene or somehow impact and illegal websites abroad from the Internet providers for the Australian burgers by filters must be blocked. But now it was apparently from the "Internet Nannies" the government also the parliamentarians, as the Sydney Morning Herald reported, the access to the unavoidable websites blocked.

So attracts an equal rights, as is a democratic society. In Germany, since the entry into force of the Broadcasting Services Act 22 websites have been prompted to go from the network. As a rule, it was dealt with websites with pornographic content. For the censorship, Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA) does not know the addresses of the websites from salaries of data protection (the difficulties with censorship). Since January 90 complaints have been submitted. Because of the censorship law, however, some websites have already migrated abroad.


The new rome

The USA is at the peak of power. But some string-pullers appear baffled as to what they are really supposed to do with it

In Empire, which was organized by sympathizers such as the "inevitable" Slavoj Zizek as the "Communist manifesto of our time" Michael Hardt and Toni Negri have long since concluded that the postmodern empire of data, networks, and real-time communication is not a "massacre" "no Rome" own more. "The shape of the world order and the place where power sits have changed." In the midst of the global network power structure that capital, technology, and migration flows are establishing "a new form of sovereignty", which would put an end to the old system of nation states as well as to the imperialism of the past. No state, not even the most powerful, can in the future boast of determining the parameters and guidelines of world politics alone and independently; and no power in the world can exercise control over the current global order.

The new rom

The "Empire" is a non-place

The new rule of the rivers, nets and bodies would thus be a "Non-place". As such "U-Topos" regulate it "not only human interactions", but strive for, "to rule directly over human nature". And because this "Empire" In the wake of the disappearance of spatial and temporal boundaries, international associations and institutions in particular gained increasing power and influence, such as the G-8 or supranational entities like the WTO, the WB or the IMF. That this long under command, communication control of the USA, is not mentioned.


China wants to strengthen patriotism with penalties

China wants to strengthen patriotism with punishments

China_flag.JPG:Image: Ecow/CC0

While Xi Jinping has followed in the footsteps of Mao Zedong, lack of respect for the national flag and national anthem is being considered for punishment with up to three years in prison

The Chinese parliament is roughly, but actually smaller than the German one, if you consider the number of population. more than 700 deputies decide after the Bundestag election about the fate of Germany, actually it should be 598 deputies. 631 in the last legislature, but they refused to reform the electoral law.