The noodle commercial rears its hateful head

Tom Tykwer’s "Heaven" collapses in its claimed emotionality

It is this "Hooray, we are back"-Shouting, which is "german" film swells, be it the straw stupid "experiment" (Cf. prisoners standing in their cells with tape in front of their mouths and "HMP! HMP!" ) or a really excellent french movie like "Harry means well", which no one in Germany had produced, but which ex post is responsible for "us" is annexed because the director is German.

Cate Blanchett, Tom Tykwer


Demonstration against g8 summit ended in militancy

After the events in Rostock, the debate on forms of action has started again

At noon on Saturday, the situation was still relaxed in the city center of Rostock. All around the central station people were queuing up in front of snack bars and bakeries. Because many stores were not even open that day, the globalization critics, who had come from all over Europe, found only a few possibilities to satisfy their hunger. As is often the case with such large-scale events, the number of participants varied widely. While the police initially spoke of almost twenty thousand demonstrators, the organizers agreed on the number of eighty thousand participants. Independent observers told Telepolis that fifty thousand people were on the streets of Rostock.

Demonstration against g8 summit ended in militancy

Action under observation of the press. Picture:


Long-and-wide (halo 3) versus short-and-good (heavenly sword)

The new generation of game consoles is slowly getting up to speed. While Nintendo does its thing free of prere, Sony and Microsoft put on high trumps

Almost two years ago, the new generation of game consoles began, but real bangers, memorable entertainment experiences that are not forgotten immediately after switching off the console, have been rare so far. On the Xbox 360 side, the sci-fi monster shooter Gears of War (which wasn’t even released in this country) and the underwater super-drug nightmare Bioshock reached this level and, in the case of Gears, provided exciting extra hours of gameplay in multiplayer online matches. Those who own a PlayStation 3, on the other hand, couldn’t get past the racing game MotorStorm, and on Nintendo’s Wii, Wii Sports was and is bowled and boxed until you go limp. With the wave of new releases rolling since the beginning of autumn, the main competitors Microsoft and Sony finally present further highlights. Two exclusive titles stand out in particular: Halo 3 and Heavenly Sword are considered system sellers and also have some next gen power to offer.

Ending the battle: The Master Chief is the hero of the Halo game trilogy. In the recently published part three, his story ends


Bild, spiegel and glotze

A Chancellor on Duty Publishes His "Decisions" and mainly brusque his own party

There one still says, there was between Chancellor Merkel and her Vorganger no coarse difference. One difference is evident: Merkel is not a media chancellor. Sure, she sends her weekly video messages on her cell phone. You can download them or leave them. But Schroder could not be escaped that easily. This became clear this week, when the full-blooded politician, who retired more than a year ago, was suddenly back. As if he were still in the Federal Chancellery in Berlin-Mitte, he served Bild, Spiegel and Glotze. The reading tours through the republic to follow from Thursday.

Bild, spiegel and glotze

Quietly, he wants to start in front of Willi Brand’s monument at the SPD headquarters in Berlin. Whether the Social Democrats are so happy about that? Because they are the ones who are most punished by the quick revival of their former chairman. The media may also gloat over Schroder’s critical remarks about his successor’s style of government. They are primarily not in the book, but in the accompanying interviews interspersed and now really not uberraschend. Or did anyone expect the power man Schroder to have forgiven Merkel for inheriting him?? Also his jibes against his long-time party enemy Lafontaine are highly interesting from a psychological point of view. Those who so often affirm how little they care about their competitors involuntarily make the opposite clear. This also applies vice versa. If Lafontaine is now mocking the fee of 1 million that Schroder was willing to pay for his book, it may also be a sign of envy about the high market value of his competitor. As is well known, the fees Lafontaine collected for his Bild columns before he returned to politics were not exactly small either. But they were certainly not in the seven-digit range.


The end of the fight pilots

Robot on the way to aerospace: German Air Force takes her first unmanned flight system in operation

At the landing, there was a mishap: Heron-1 had already set up safely on the airfield Masar-E-Scharif and was on the way to the storage position as she collided with another plane. In both cases, property damage. Otherwise, the first use of your first unmanned starting "successfully" lost, the German Air Force reports .

In the Ministry of Defense, however, was certainly an elegant start to the new age of unmanned flying. Finally, it had already been related to the Israeli system for the Israeli system.


Joschka beghart – flenst!

Beer drinking with Powell, the Zeche pays Chirac – the Washington visit of the German Dome Minister stands for the end of the "old Europe"

Werner as a model for Joschka? The comic figure of Draftsman Rottger "Brooch" Feldmann encourages her friendships on the common inhaling of Flensburg Pils, and according to this recipe for success has been working since the newer also the German Foreign Minister. When his American countercollege Colin Powell made his waiting in Berlin in May, Fischer gave him a box "Flen". Last week, at the return visit of the German at the Potomac, Powell gave him the empties.

Powell and fisherman together at the press conference


Beauty is in the eye of the astronomer

NASA presents the most detailed image of a ring galaxy to date

On the September photo of the Hubble Heritage project an almost perfect ring of bright, young, blue stars can be seen, which surrounds a brightly shining galaxy core. Of the ring galaxy named after its discoverer, 600 million light years away, a picture is now available, which is not only the most detailed, but certainly also the most beautiful, which has been made so far.

Picture: NASA


Stem cell therapy for retinal disease

The first clinical trial of embryonic stem cell treatment in the EU was approved in the UK

Surgeons at Moorfields Eye Hospital will inject RPE (retinal pigment epithelium) cells grown from human embryonic stem cells into the eyes of 12 patients suffering from juvenile macular degeneration, Stargardt’s disease, next year. Grobbritannien sollte unter der Labour-Regierung zu einem Pionierland fur die Stammzellenforschung ausgebaut werden, wozu auch entsprechende Gesetze verabschiedet wurden, um die Forschung auch beim Klonen und mit menschlichen embryonalen Stammzellen zu unterstutzen.

Die seltene, genetische bedingte Erkrankung betrifft junge Menschen und zerstort Zellen in der Makula, dem zentralen Sehfeld der Netzhaut. It does not usually lead to total blindness, but can quickly or slowly over years drastically reduce visual acuity through the loss of photoreceptors. The Modern Humanities Research Association (MHRA) has now approved for the first time in a European country clinical trials with the controversial use of RPE cells grown from human embryonic stem cells, previously approved by the European Medicines Agency EMA. It is hoped that this will prevent further damage to vision or improve vision, as has already been shown in animal experiments. Animal experiments have also demonstrated that the cells are safe. None of the 160 treatments of mice showed cancer formation, he said.