Alice weithel, bought facebook likes and other levels of level

Alice Weithel, bought Facebook Likes and other levels of level

YouTube and Co. – Our weekly telepolis video check

With a small journey through time in the year 1968 we start the weekend today. The singer Mary Hopkins originating from England is now 68 years old and last in 2006 had a single success with the Christmas carol "Snowed under". So far, so snowy. But in christmas mood we are not yet. Although the news of the fact that Ice Princess Alice Weidel and their AFD knaps should have used the supposedly illegal party donation for the purchase of Facebook Likes,. And the Tweet of the Satiriker Shahak Shapira gets a dozen likes without a donation. A nice collapse of the donation courts, which becomes embarrassing daily, delivers extra 3, during the AFD fan boys from Pi-News.Net elegant to the story. Does not fit the world view of the supposed right clean man.

Alice Weithel, bought Facebook Likes and other levels of level

Then before Balle, Balle, nothing but Balle. The video is already a few years old, but always to look at. In contrast to the Rulps videos of Yanagi 19871. Here two samples: 12 minutes Burping and Rulpsen with helium. There is really nothing to spare, but maybe the whole thing has a therapeutic approach.


Six on a prank

Astronomers fascinate six small planets surrounding a sonorous star

The Kepler mission of NASA has discovered a remarkable planetary system, in which six planets circle around a sungloth star – five of them in close orgates. Astronomers of the University of California (Santa Cruz) and their cooolers have analyzed the circulation dynamics of the system that calculates coarse and masses of the planets and determines their likely composition – everything based on Kepler’s quantities of changing brightness of their central star (Kepler-11), During the planets at this before moving.

"This is not blob a fascinating planetary system," says Daniel Fabrycky, Hubble Postdoc-Fellow at the UC Santa Cruz, who led the circulation dynamic analyzes, "It also saves a new, powerful method for the mass calculation of planets". Fabrycky and Jack Lissauer, a scientist at the NASA-Ames Research Center in Mountain View, are the feather-proof authors of an article about Kepler-11 in the Nature Edition of 3. February.


Rotten meat scandal with announcement

Rotten meat scandal with an announcement

A Hessian sausage factory recently made a name for itself with salami contaminated with bacteria. The food scandal is not an isolated case

A total of three deaths and around 40 illnesses have been reported in connection with sausage products contaminated with listeria from the manufacturer Wilke Waldecker Fleisch- und Wurstwaren GmbH Co. KG from the Hessian Twistetal reported. Since 2014, the pathogens have been detected in a total of 37 traps, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), mostly in people in hospitals and nursing homes.

Listeriosis is a disease caused by listeria (Listeria monocytogenes) in tainted foods such as poultry, meat, sausage, fish, milk and cheese or pre-cut salads. The bacteria survive even in shrink-wrapped foods. For weakened, sick people or pregnant women who have ingested many bacteria, the disease can be fatal.


“Deathly christmas”

The festival of love as a hotspot? – Experts warn against the "Christmas effect", The policy is based on a false sense of consideration

Many distract themselves from Corona madness with Christmas idylls. Furnishing boutiques and discounters are happy about the demand for romance, ranging from fairy lights and blankets to complete homey decorations. The apartment becomes a golden kafig.

"More death traps after the holiday"

Where many people gather, chance of transmission increases, virologists and doctors say. There will be more deaths two to three weeks after the festival, predicted Frank Ulrich Montgomery, chief executive of the World Medical Association, recently. "Christmas thus becomes a holiday with a death risk for some people." His words do not seem to fall on particularly open ears.


Mali: “russia, help!”

Mali:'russland, hilf!'

Gao, Mali. Photo: David Sessoms / CC BY-SA 2.0

Background to the stop of the Jihadists in Gao. Use of the Bundeswehr "Expensive and dangerous"

A truck loaded truck, which transforms into a fireball in the courtyard of the attacked barracks, and 77 dead: this is the leading balance of the devastating suicide dent of the past Wednesday (19. January) in Gao in the north Malis.


Genetic engineering labeling: praise, blame and gene detectives

The new labeling requirement for genetically modified foods has some shortcomings

As of Sunday, the EU’s new directive on the labeling of food and feed containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is in effect. Although it will make it easier for consumers to identify some GM foods, key areas remain untouched by the directive. In Europe, a good 80 percent of imported genetically modified plants are eaten and end up in the consumer’s mouth as yogurt, sausage, eggs or milkshakes.

"Genetically modified" "from genetically modified … produced" or "contains genetically modified …" must in future appear in the list of ingredients or on the label if even one component of the product contains GMOs. Labeling is also mandatory for loose or unpackaged goods, such as vegetables at the market. Even if the genetic modification is not detectable, this must be indicated. This is considered by consumer protectionists to be one of the major advances brought about by the new regulations. Examples include oil from genetically modified canola, lecithin from genetically modified soybeans, or starch or. Dextrose and glucose syrup from genetically modified corn. Until now, these products could wait unmarked on supermarket shelves for their unsuspecting buyers. All foods containing genetically modified organisms, such as beer with genetically modified yeast or yogurt with genetically modified lactic acid bacteria, must now also be labeled.


A noah’s ark for plant seeds is opened

The British Millennium Seed Bank wants to archive the seeds of one tenth of all plant species

Not only animal species are dying out at a crude rate, but plant species as well. By 2050, scientists estimate that a quarter of all plants could have disappeared, with potentially significant consequences for life on Earth. A British Noah’s Ark wants to ensure the survival of at least a part and hopes for successors in other countries.

As fast as in the last 10000 years, when people began to change the world massively in their favor, the living conditions on Earth had changed only in times of global catastrophes, for example, by the impact of a large meteorite. All in all, in the history of life the species richness increased continuously, mass extinctions, which once could destroy up to more than 90 percent of all species, as 250 million years ago at the end of the Permian, were of course afterwards again motors of evolution. Without the presumed impact of the meteorite 65 million years ago, which, in addition to changes in vegetation, caused the extinction of all large animals, especially dinosaurs, mammals, and ultimately man, would not have had a rough chance.


Reclaiming new territory in cyberspace

Out of the traffic circle: ICANN stumbles forward

After years of discussions about the introduction of new top level domains, ICANN has now shown its colors. On 20. June 2011 in Singapore is to begin the creation of new territory in cyberspace. ICANN is obviously willing to take on governments, because at the 40. At the first ICANN meeting in San Francisco, the controversial .xxx domain waved through.

At the halfway point of the youngest ICANN meeting in San Francisco, it looked like the topic of the introduction of new Top Level Domains (new gTLDs) would remain in the endless loop that has been rotating for years. Even after the special Brussels meeting in early March 2011, the ICANN Board and the governments represented on the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) were spinning their wheels and it seemed that once again the exit from the traffic circle was missed.


Frankfurt: test for speed 30 at night on main roads

Gruner’s transport minister pushes through model trial planned back in 2012 but thwarted by the then FDP transport minister

As early as in the fall, Transport Minister Stefan Majer of the Grunen announced the test, which was already planned by the city of Frankfurt in 2012, but was rejected by the then Transport Minister Rentsch (FDP) due to alleged lack of information as a "not approvable" had been prevented. Speed 30 was intended to improve the protection of residents from noise. Rentsch had instead recommended improving passive noise protection, such as installing soundproof windows. While residents were rather disappointed at the time, motorists were more in favor of the rejection.

Frankfurt: test for speed 30 at night on main roads

Image: Mediatus/common


News from quantum physics: our universe is eternal

News from quantum physics: Our universe is eternal

The author of the "Especially simple theory of everything" When surfing Ho’okipa, Maui, Hawai. Photo: CJEAN42 / CC BY-SA 3.0

The physicist and mathematician Garrett Lisi, author of the "Especially simple theory of everything", in the interview: "Nature is ultimately a consistent whole"

Antony Garrett Lisi developed one in 2007 "World formula", which describes all the excursions and materials in the universe with some elegant formulas and is impressive simplicity and beauty. This theory is called "A particularly simple theory of everything" and connects Einstein relativity theory with particle physics. With their help, the whole reality can be explained, from immense small in the quantum area to the large cosmic structures, the galaxy cluster and superheap.