Female house: trump taken with herd immunity approach

Female house: trump taken with herd immunity approach

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Respected scientists argue in Great Barrington declaration for targeted protection of at-risk groups and against strict measures

Nothing more will come of the relationship between the White House and the WHO. The US President’s office says it likes the idea of herd immunity. The approach is entirely in line with Donald Trump’s strategy, the Washington Post reports. WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus finds the approach "ruthless".


The rich lands are the debtors in the world

Several earths were necessary if all people could lead to the lifestyles of the USA, Great Britain or Germany

It may seem as a strange question in a globalized world in which the mutual dependence of companies enormously increases, to what extent Lander is independent of the rest of the world with their own natural resources to maintain the living standards of their residents. Behind it is the question of whether humanity, as it is currently lives, operates a predator on earth or so households that the natural resources can recover and also of artificial generations of these lives can. The calculation of such conserves and resources may be highly speculative, but the results presented by the New Economics Foundation (NEF) presented in their report The UK Interdependence Report, in their clarity.

The rich lands are the debtors in the world

This is how Greaky Britain is now just up to 16. April, from one’s own resources to live and requires the rest of the year the resources of the world. The dependence has increased sharply in recent years, so that the country is always short time, measured by one year, is autonomous and not dependent on resources from other countries. In 1961, Greater Britain was still half a year independent, 1981 only until 14. May.


The political suicide of the spd

The worst is to be feared for the future of the largest people’s party in the Federal Republic

The Socialists are crazy – perhaps this statement describes the behavior of the SPD since the election of 18 September. September at the most. Yesterday’s resignation of Franz Muntefering from the chairmanship of the SPD is only the culmination of a series of wrong or at least incomprehensible decisions that have characterized SPD politics during the last weeks since the surprisingly good results in the last Bundestag elections, which brought an excellent result in view of the previous history. The overall result could not be worse: In just a few weeks, the SPD has failed to capitalize on its relative victory, squandered its recently regained political capital, lost or damaged its top figures, abandoned key political positions without need – in other words, the SPD is committing political hara-kiri.

It would always have been wrong to overestimate Franz Muntefering’s potential. His resignation in response to the election of Andrea Nahles as the new SPD federal secretary instead of the candidate he favored, Kajo Wasserholvel, may be celebrated as consistent or even admired as a sign that someone here is not clinging to office. It can also be considered inappropriate and factually incorrect with good reasons.


Impending onslaught of norway rats

Threatening onslaught of Norway rats

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Rat control is a mabig successful eternity task. Due to warm winters and severe drought, the population spreads, and at the same time they develop resistance to available poisons


Rats are the most widespread small rodents in the world and the most successful cultural predator. In London, the rats made themselves at home in June 2019, even in the time-honored Buckingham Palace and the parliamentary seat of Westminster. The con "was not amused". While her majesty’s exterminators were busy preparing the exitus for the British rats, the deputies one floor above were debating the political "Brexit".


Opportunity or act of desperation?

Two landlords and a smoker plan to sue again in federal trial court

After a referendum, in which a good third of those eligible to vote took part, brought Bavarians a ban on smoking in restaurants without exception last week, Ludwig Wolf, the landlord of the Munich music pub Bistro No., filed a lawsuit against the Bavarian government.2, Birgit Netzle-Piechotka, the landlady of the Asam Schlossl, and a smoker filed a lawsuit with the federal court. In 2008, the judges in Karlsruhe not only ruled that parts of the non-smoker protection laws in Berlin and Baden-Wurttemberg at the time were not compatible with the freedom of occupation protected by Article 12 (1) of the Basic Law, but also that non-smoker protection laws without exceptions were unlawful.

In its decision in this case, the First Senate amed that a general ban on smoking was not contrary to the principle of prevention because of the paramount importance of health protection. If, however, the legislature relativizes this protection goal – as has happened in Baden-Wurttemberg and Berlin – then even the Verhaltnismabigkeitsprufung leads to a different result. And in this, the legislators in Baden-Wurttemberg and Berlin had not sufficiently taken into account the special impact on landlords of one-room pubs. Whether Karlsruhe will significantly change this point of view is questionable. At least the decision at that time was not pragmatized by an eccentric like Paul Kirchhof, whose principle of half-division was later largely revised by a differently composed Federal Constitutional Court.


Teller washer stays dish washer

The promise of the passions of the classes and the social mobilitat of the market economy remains for most, which are in the case of poverty, only an empty dream

Similar to Germany and other countries, not only the gap between the poor and rich growth, but also froze the social mobility. Faith in this mobitat, so that it is possible, from the bottom to the top – from the plate washer to the millionar – and there is no systemic blockade, such as in feudalism, has helped in capitalist states to guarantee relative social peace. The motto: Who does not create it is to blame yourself. Finally, everyone of his smithiness is allegedly blacksmith – and everyone can say, like the successful ones, who would like to attribute the achievements only to their own performance, in principle achieve everything if he only wants

The OECD Study Intergenerational Transmission of Disadvantage – Mobility Or Immobility Across Generations (2007) of Anna Christina d’Addio makes it clear on the basis of empirical and sociological examinations that it is one "free mobility" In the western societies between the layers does not exist.


Understanding insecurity as freedom?

Understanding uncertainty as freedom?

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At "Uncertainty Avoidance Index" (UAI) Japanese and Germans are more similar than Japanese and Chinese

Calls for more police are currently winning elections in Germany, although no one is revealing where the promised police forces will come from. Germany may want to take a cue from its southwestern neighbor France, which has reduced the training period for new police officers to six months, or it may want to increase the use of police trainers in active service.