Deadly security mania in mexico

Burghers increasingly take justice into their own hands – and are encouraged to do so by the state

In Mexico City on 23. November two federal police officers burned alive by a lynch mob. Local residents thought the officers, who were taking photos as undercover officers near a school, were child abductors. The case sheds light on the helplessness of citizens in the face of a justice system they cannot trust, but also on the effects of the discourse on criminality that is increasingly fueled by the media and politics. Paradoxically, the left-liberal government of the capital plays the role of the pioneer in the matter of "preventive crime fighting" – and thus combats in the first place the poor.

deadly security mania in mexico

Lynch Law in the Tlahuac District of Mexico City


Libya: suffocation death of eight migrants

Libya: suffocation deaths of eight migrants

Kustenstadt Zuwara. Image: Mohamed Gmail11 / CC BY-SA 3.0

UN Special Envoy: The Current Political State in the Country is Unsustainable

The asphyxiation deaths of eight migrants, six children and two adults, in a locked freezer container near the Libyan coastal town of Zuwara is the latest shock news in a whole series of migration-related news and images that has become a kind of hysterical stress test of humanitarianism and politics in the public eye (see: Why not discuss sea rescue?).


Macron wants to fight hate on the net more fiercely

Macron wants to crack down on hate on the web

A new law in the name of the fight against anti-Semitism and racism is to systematically facilitate and accelerate the extinguishing of offensive attacks

French President Macron wants to take stronger action against hate on the net. A bill to this effect is to be discussed in the National Assembly starting in May, and is expected to be passed after the summer vacations. Tough action to be taken on content that spreads hate. This is one of the central concerns.

Hate content on social networking sites is particularly targeted: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok or Snapchat – as far as public content is concerned – as Laetitia Avia points out. The deputy from the ruling party La Republique en marche (LRM) is leading the drafting of the law.


The left-wing syriza in the fight against terrorism

The left syriza in the antiterrorist struggle

arrest of the wanted Pola Roupa. Image: W. Aswestopoulos

Pola Roupa, the wife of anarchist Nikos Maziotis, who had a million euro bounty on her head, was arrested with her six-year-old son, who is being held in isolation

Am 5. January Pola Roupa was arrested in Athens. The wife of the imprisoned anarchist Nikos Maziotis was betrayed. The Greek state had put a million euro bounty on her head. A proud amount, measured by the fact that Roupa was not charged with any murder during the time of her work.


Europe as a crisis center

Europe as a crisis center

Current account balance FRG – Eurozone

The systemic contradictions of the collapsing capitalist world system are mirrored in the Eurozone teetering on the brink of collapse. Crisis of Capitalism – Part 3

Does the EU only lead the existence of an institutional zombie?? Although the last Euro Summit was able to avert the political and economic collapse of the Eurozone, at least for the time being, the idea of European unification seems to have suffered irreversible damage, at least in Germany. The EU is still alive, but the European idea is dead.


Beijing sinks deeper into the pakistan mess

Beijing sinks deeper into the mess pakistan

Pakistan’s people have reached out to the guest – will Beijing understand that it takes more than smart economic action? Photo: Gilbert Kolonko

Chinese Workers Bash Their Chaperones – This new scandal of Chinese citizens in Pakistan plays into the hands of all those who consider Beijing’s activities in the region to be those of a colonial power – only China can still help Pakistan in this case

Images are currently running in the Pakistani media showing Chinese engineers and trench workers in Pakistan’s Punjab province beating up police officers who had been assigned to protect them – but the reason seems to be camp fever rather than colonial posturing. According to local police, it all started when the 30 or so Chinese workers tried to leave their camp on the highway between the cities of Bahawalpur and Faisalabad after work without taking their escort with them. When the Pakistani policemen tried to stop them, the Chinese workers attacked them. Several cell phone recordings show that the mainly plainclothes guards were noticeably restrained, but the Chinese workers nevertheless launched further attacks on the workers.


Economic situation for killers

Computer players can increasingly earn good money with their skills and sponsorships in organized multiplayer tournaments

The booming growth industry of computer games is beginning to pay off for teenage masters of network games.The American Cyberathlete Professional League (CPI) and its international affiliates organize tournaments in which young players demonstrate their skills in virtual duels and win hefty prizes. There are already agents who manage particularly good players and use sponsorship contracts to ensure that their proteges earn up to six-figure annual incomes.The players should be put on an equal footing with renowned sports athletes

Concerned parents can breathe a sigh of relief: the offspring, who spends his days between school and bedtime playing baller games in front of the PC, is not necessarily a penniless brute on the way to social exclusion. Maybe he can even become rich with his passion – if he is good enough. Since June 1997, there has been an organization in the USA called "Cyberathlete Professional League", which is based in Dallas and organizes tournaments for computer gamers with ever-increasing prize money. It also organizes software and hardware exhibitions. The CPI foundation was a reaction to the worldwide triumph of online games, which had begun in 1996 with the release of the famous first-person shooter Quake by ID Software – accompanied by the accelerated expansion of the Internet. The game, which was indexed in Germany, not only set new standards graphically, but was also designed for the first time for the so-called multiplayer mode. Besides killing monsters in the traditional lonely game, the game "Single Player"-mode, you could now beat the crap out of each other in a virtual environment, either on a local network or connected to other players via a web server.