New tasks wanted

EXPO helps its employees to find a new job

If it is not already over because of lack of money, the contract with EXPO GmbH ends for most employees on 31 December 2000.12.2000. Only a few of them still have ongoing contracts for 2001. An outplacement service area has now been set up so that employees can present their promoder/files to future employers on the Internet. Striking is the fact that no executives have to look for a new field of activity.

EXPO presents itself as a modern service company and ames social responsibility for its existing employees. An outplacement area has been set up on the Internet to support career reorientation. In order for potential employers to get an idea of the vacant employees in advance, 12 areas from the EXPO’s field of activity were compiled. The EXPO website goes one step further and offers, in addition to the detailed description on the Internet, a direct contact for employee placement, because many employers will not be familiar with the wide range of tasks of an EXPO employee.


Hormonal careers

The testosterone balance determines how happily women make risky financial decisions – the hormone often also determines the career path

Why do you see so many men on the trading floor, why is every successful female fund manager an admired exception?? Why do women put their money in savings accounts while their partners gamble away the family fortune with shares?? Is it because, as Eva Herman thinks, women have a natural sense of protection that they want to preserve and balance?? Or is it simply the influence of hormones that determines the path we take in life?? Anyone who raises a pubescent daughter like the author thinks he knows quite well: It’s the hormones.

When it comes to money, the "male" sex hormone testosterone obviously plays an important role. Testosterone is produced by both the male and female organism, but to a much greater extent in the male. Its effect is twofold: firstly, it changes structures during the maturation of the organism, and secondly, it influences the behavior of the finished individual. In the male body, the hormone is responsible, among other things, for the maturation of sperm cells, but also for the growth of hair all over the body – but not on the head.


Experiment with new ways of narration

Utopia and media reality in Germany’s first DVD video film "The Last Cowboy"

A cowboy rides across an avenue. Zap. footage of young pioneers staging a parade. Zap. I see a young man looking out of a window. The title "Indians" appears. Zap. Excerpts from a DEFA Indian film. With a remote control I zap back and forth between different picture planes. On the first level there are also lines of text. The soundtrack, a cowboy song, remains the same and creates an asthetic cohesion. Family photos alternating with images of industrial plants and American street scenes before ending with a cowboy scene.

Experiment with new ways of counting


What to know

The word "Expert" means today mainly people who are allowed to spread any amount of nonsense in the media without responsibility, but a distinction must be made between those who spread and those who know

The other day a Bulgarian colleague printed his business card in my hand. The job title was striking: "Expert". And he could back up the claim: In socialist Bulgaria, he had built and maintained food-processing machines that were used throughout the eastern trestle. Because he had been in Cuba for six years, he spoke Spanish fluently (besides French and English, he also understood German). Without a doubt an expert.

The Berlin journalist Gabriele Goettle went in search of some experts and wrote a wonderful book about them: What is an Expert? In the past, an expert was someone who knew a lot about a particular subject. Today, all you have to do is slip into a TV show, hold on to it, and you’re an expert.


To him who gives shall be given

One mechanism for reinforcing cooperative behavior is based on indirect reciprocity

Life is selfish, says simplified the Darwinian theory of evolution. Truly altruistic behavior does not exist, nor does group selection, social cooperation among non-relatives "reward" is rejected by the hard representatives of the selfish gene. If help, then it must be a business for the giver as well.

Nevertheless, there is always cooperative behavior, even on the level of the simplest living beings, the bacteria. Whether cooperation can also be altruistic ultimately remains a philosophically questionable amption, because cooperative individuals may indirectly and along convoluted paths derive individual advantages from their behavior – or even just expect them. Often enough there are group-egoistic advantages for cooperating individuals, even if they are not related to each other and thus directly ensure the reproduction of their genes by the support of close relatives.


Vote for your party or against another?

The mudslinging in the US elections gives a deep impression

In Germany, mudslinging is still the exception in election campaigns. The last major scandal was four years ago. In 2002 the CDU presented an election poster with the then chancellor Gerhardt Schroder as a criminal (call for violence). The media immediately put the CDU in its place, and the poster was removed from circulation the next day. The situation is different in the USA, where for decades people do not talk about their own politics in the election campaign, but rather try to make their opponents look bad. Thanks to YouTube and Google Video, everyone in this country who can’t understand why Americans vote for such politicians can finally get a picture of the situation.

Do you vote for your party or against another?

The "wanted poster" of the CDU, showing only the opponent. So you should vote for the CDU because the SPD is bad, not because the CDU is good – such a logic is only successful in politics: Imagine McDonald’s became "I love it" give up and "I hate Burger King" imports. Image: CDU


Blow against shell companies in the usa

Blow against dummy companies in the usa

Delaware border shield in a 2014 photo.Image: Ken Lund, CC BY-SA 2.0

US Senate passes bill against shell companies. With the state of Delaware, this also affects the political home of the Biden family

In the final days of Donald Trump’s term, the US Congress overrode a veto by the outgoing president and passed a new law that will have far-reaching consequences for companies in the country. It’s about the CTA, the Corporate Transparency Act, which has so far received little attention in the German press.


Gronland and the interests of others

Gronland and the interests of others

View of Tasiilaq, the coarse town in eastern Gronland. Image: Bernd Hildebrandt, Pixabay

The island nation between the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean votes on a new government. Massive geopolitical interests are in the background

Gronland will elect a new government tomorrow, Tuesday, and the vote will be watched with interest internationally, though for different reasons in each case. The Gronlanders themselves may be interested above all in a self-determined, good life. The country’s geographic location in the Arctic, where the coarse powers meet, can both help and hinder this process.


Exchange of blows over russian nuclear bombers in venezuela

exchange of blows over russian nuclear bombers in venezuela

Arrival of the strategic bombers in Venezuela. Image:

Even the participation of two strategic bombers in a military exercise worries the U.S., Russia is said to dare to permanently move military aircraft to Venezuela

When NATO planes fly in the friendly countries on the Russian border, it is only a response to the "Russian aggression". When two Russian supersonic military aircraft, albeit TU-160 strategic bombers, landed in Venezuela on Monday with two other military aircraft and 100 crew, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo commented thus: "The Russian leadership has sent its bombers all over the world to Venezuela. The Russian and Venezuelan people should see this for what it is: two corrupt governments plundering public funds and suppressing freedom, while their people suffer."


Money before lives

Money before lives

Senate President of Texas calls on older Americans to sacrifice for the economy and the "American way of life" on – Notes from a Broken Country

While on Twitter right now the hashtag #NotDying4WallStreet# is being shared thousands of times, Acting Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, the second most powerful politician in the state of Texas, made the following comment in an interview on Fox News on Monday of this week (paraphrased):

"If someone were to ask me whether I would be willing at this point in time to go to the United States and possibly risk my life in order to help the American economy and our country, I would say: "I would be willing to go to the United States and risk my life in order to help the American economy and our country "Way of Life" To secure the future of my grandchildren, of course I would take that risk; and I believe countless other grandparents in our country would act just as patriotically."