Female house: trump taken with herd immunity approach

Female house: trump taken with herd immunity approach

Image: Pixabay

Respected scientists argue in Great Barrington declaration for targeted protection of at-risk groups and against strict measures

Nothing more will come of the relationship between the White House and the WHO. The US President’s office says it likes the idea of herd immunity. The approach is entirely in line with Donald Trump’s strategy, the Washington Post reports. WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus finds the approach "ruthless".


Mysterious gigantic beacons from cosmic primeval times

Mysterious gigantic beacons from cosmic primeval times

Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech

More than 50 years after their discovery, the hitherto insufficient knowledge about quasars increases only gradually, as a current case study shows

A quasar is an extremely energetic and very brightly glowing region at the center of an active galaxy that owes its existence to the dynamics and appetite of a supermassive black hole. Sometimes it seems as if quasars themselves had taken their secrets into their black hole. Although nearly 500.With more than 000 of them known, astronomers around the world are guessing about their origin and true nature. While a galaxy expert draws a negative conclusion about previous quasar research, two Chinese astronomers present a new study in the current ie of Nature that may shed more light on these dazzling cosmic beacons.


New tasks wanted

EXPO helps its employees to find a new job

If it is not already over because of lack of money, the contract with EXPO GmbH ends for most employees on 31 December 2000.12.2000. Only a few of them still have ongoing contracts for 2001. An outplacement service area has now been set up so that employees can present their promoder/files to future employers on the Internet. Striking is the fact that no executives have to look for a new field of activity.

EXPO presents itself as a modern service company and ames social responsibility for its existing employees. An outplacement area has been set up on the Internet to support career reorientation. In order for potential employers to get an idea of the vacant employees in advance, 12 areas from the EXPO’s field of activity were compiled. The EXPO website goes one step further and offers, in addition to the detailed description on the Internet, a direct contact for employee placement, because many employers will not be familiar with the wide range of tasks of an EXPO employee.


Pakistan: asia bibi released

Pakistan: Asia Bibi released

Asiq Masih, the husband of Asia Bibi. Photo: License: CC BY-SA 2.0

Whereas of the Blasphemy acquired Christin is kept secret, Islamists continue to demand the death penalty

The last week from the accusation of the Blasphemy acquitted Pakistani Christin Asia Bibi (cf. God’s awareness of a Christin in Pakistan) was released after a tweet of the EU Parliamentary Thrassis Antonio Tajani and a report by Vatican News from the custody and to one "secure place" spent on which her husband ASIQ Masih removal.


Fbi search of trump’s lawyer

fbi search of trump's lawyer

Stormy Daniels. Photo by Jimi Photog. License: CC BY-SA 2.0

Chances of Mueller and Sessions being removed from office increased

Currently, the U.S. media is agitated by allegations made by former porn star Stephanie Cliffords, a.k.a "Stormy Daniels", she had a one-night stand with the current president in the mid-’00s after a golf tournament and spanked him with a magazine – which he denies. Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen paid her 130 in 2016 anyway.000 dollars to keep her quiet he says. A not uncommon practice among celebrities and reputable companies in the U.S. in that lawsuits can take a long time and easily become more expensive, even if eventually won. Trump was reportedly unaware of this payment, which was made through a shell company. According to his spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders, he had only been told that there had been a settlement with Daniels in his favor.


Usa builds world’s largest consulate in erbil

Usa builds world's largest consulate in erbil

The planned $600 million consulate in the Kurdish-Iraqi city of Erbil. Image: DoD

U.S. influence in Iraq is waning, Islamic State is by no means defeated

After the war against the Hussein regime, the U.S. was apparently confident of playing a central role in Iraq, despite the high level of resistance from Sunni fighters and terrorists, supported by numerous police, military, and intelligence officers of the Hussein regime who were released to clean up the mess. An expression of this was the construction of the world’s largest and most expensive U.S. embassy in Baghdad to date – also "Palace of George W." called – , albeit in the highly secured Green Zone. Started as early as 2004, after Bush’s optimistic declaration of victory. The Bush administration had spent $1.3 billion on the fortress complex on a site of more than 40 acres, or 400.000 square meters in the fortress, Congress eliminated half of it, but the cost increased to at least 750 million.


Uber my lai and special murders in the war

In the public image of history and in film, most massacres leave only vague traces of memory. A recent comparison with Vietnam, however, could put prere on the Bush administration

On 19. November 2005 US Marines are said to have killed 24 civilians in the Iraqi city of Haditha. Democratic U.S. Representative John Murtha accuses the Pentagon of a deliberate cover-up of the massacre and states a scandal that is "even worse" than the revelations about the torture prison in Abu Ghureib. As if by itself, in the current reports, a comparison with "My Lai" suggests. Once again, anonymous statistics on the number of victims leave the media indifferent. Only special murders in the war cause a stir.

3.000 or more Taliban prisoners of war have gone unaccounted for since their surrender at the end of 2001 – during a definable phase of the war in Afghanistan (The Massacre That Mustn’t Be). In 2002, the Irish television journalist Jamie Doran presented his documentary "Afghan Massacre: Convoy of Death," which contained numerous references to massacres – some of which took place in the presence of or were witnessed by witnesses. with the knowledge of U.S. military personnel – were murdered (accusations against the U.S. Army remain unchallenged). Even before the film was broadcast on German television, two of the witnesses Doran had interviewed were murdered. Official investigations into mass graves in the northern Afghan region of Mazar-i-Sharif, which had been expected at the latest after test excavations by the U.S. organization "Physicians for Human Rights" and according to information from the UN, failed to materialize for the time being. Five years later, no one asks what happened to the case anyway.


Hormonal careers

The testosterone balance determines how happily women make risky financial decisions – the hormone often also determines the career path

Why do you see so many men on the trading floor, why is every successful female fund manager an admired exception?? Why do women put their money in savings accounts while their partners gamble away the family fortune with shares?? Is it because, as Eva Herman thinks, women have a natural sense of protection that they want to preserve and balance?? Or is it simply the influence of hormones that determines the path we take in life?? Anyone who raises a pubescent daughter like the author thinks he knows quite well: It’s the hormones.

When it comes to money, the "male" sex hormone testosterone obviously plays an important role. Testosterone is produced by both the male and female organism, but to a much greater extent in the male. Its effect is twofold: firstly, it changes structures during the maturation of the organism, and secondly, it influences the behavior of the finished individual. In the male body, the hormone is responsible, among other things, for the maturation of sperm cells, but also for the growth of hair all over the body – but not on the head.


God’s spirit in the noosphere

The Catholic Church in Germany has recalled the philosophical heritage of Parthard de Chardin and virtually converts on his paths

William Gibson has not only anticipated the Internet, but the three-dimensional virtual room, with the term Cyberspace,. In theology the topic – the crosslinked collective spirit of humanity – was discussed in the twenties of the last century. The Jesuit Father Pierre Parthard de Chardin invented the word noosphere.

God's spirit in the noosphere

All pictures show the Georgskirche in Reichenau-Oberzell in Second Life


Experiment with new ways of narration

Utopia and media reality in Germany’s first DVD video film "The Last Cowboy"

A cowboy rides across an avenue. Zap. footage of young pioneers staging a parade. Zap. I see a young man looking out of a window. The title "Indians" appears. Zap. Excerpts from a DEFA Indian film. With a remote control I zap back and forth between different picture planes. On the first level there are also lines of text. The soundtrack, a cowboy song, remains the same and creates an asthetic cohesion. Family photos alternating with images of industrial plants and American street scenes before ending with a cowboy scene.

Experiment with new ways of counting