“You will be destroyed!”

Abi war in the cathedral city: This is how Kolner Pruflinge 2016 show what their maturity is like

Under Rhenish cheerfulness one can no longer grasp what prospective Kolner high school graduates allowed themselves after their Zulang in several nights there in Koln. The high point was the night of Tuesday: a man who was described as a "Parody" thought "Battle" escalated – and got into a brutal feud with injured and seriously injured people. Side effect: similar to the events of New Year’s Eve, criticism of the Koln police is now being voiced again.

"He is trap-less, totally shaken up", so David R. quoted on the day after the nightly street battle, which took place in front of the traditional Kolner Humboldt-Gymnasium in the center of Koln, which may have ruined its good reputation for the time being. David’s cheekbone was broken, his face swollen, and the doctors initially thought that his eyesight could not be saved. According to current information, at least one other student was seriously injured, several suffered severe blisters and had to be treated by a doctor.

Molotov cocktails, bangers, glass bottles, filled plastic bottles, eggs and stones were used in the Kolner Abi war "Use". The most serious Abi riots to date took place in front of the Humboldt-Gymnasium. According to police investigations, around 200 to 300 prospective high school graduates were involved in the riots. A schoolgirl describes the riots in the Kolner press thus:

I staggered and saw (…) how my classmate, who was later diagnosed with a broken skull, was pulled to the ground by several attackers and how they kicked him afterwards.


As witnesses report, many were hooded, jerking on with balaclavas. When bottles and Boller flew, things swung up: "Mess" tonten the one, "Pigs become knuckles", rumbled the opponents. Pigs’ sweaters and water pistols, which were actually intended as harmless gifts, soon lost their innocence. It became dangerous. But not only the city center of Koln was affected.

The Koln police, once again powerless?

"Operations with Abi reference", so the Kolner police in a preliminary balance sheet, "were held at eight high schools on the left bank of the Rhine, including the Hildegard von Bingen High School in Sulz, the Friedrich Wilhelm High School in Severinstrabe". Many of the students were drunk, were involved in rough or smaller actions. The officials seized spray cans, but also drugs, baseball bats, a bicycle chain converted into a weapon and a self-made spear.

We are catchless. PIG 2016 is calling off its evening motto-week activities with immediate effect. We also end the participation in the Abi war and advise all other high schools to do the same and to distance themselves from such outbreaks of violence as in the last evenings, because this has nothing to do with high school graduates. Facebook group "mess 2016"

"I find this behavior unacceptable", laments the new police president Jurgen Mathies in a statement, from "Maturity can not (…) speak there". However, students accuse the officials of inaction, which brings to mind the events in Koln on New Year’s Eve. A Schuler, who asked for help, received on the part of an officer in action apparently as an answer: "What you are organizing here is children’s theater. I’m not going to risk my life for this."

Image: leonardosdenippes

"Wait and see, clowns!"

In the meantime, the police have been forced to set up special commissions to deal with the out-of-control activities of the Colombians "School Warrior" have to occupy. It could help that the schoolboys out themselves in social networks and document their provocations themselves.

For example, an Instagram account belonging to the well-known Leonardo da Vinci Gymnasium in Koln shows martial photos of hooded schoolchildren and also appears bellicose in other ways. Keywords are for example: #leonardoubernimmt, #wirvernichtenalle or #eskannnureinenkoniggeben. Doubters are countered: "Wait and see you clowns!".

Meanwhile, it became known that in the neighboring city of Dusseldorf, during the Abi motto week there, a janitor was apparently knocked down by schoolchildren.

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