19 Years guantanamo: a continued attack on democracy

19 years Guantanamo: A continued attack on democracy

"Embroidery in orange overalls sit in a waiting area under the watchful eyes of the militar police at the Camp X-Ray at the Marinetzpunkt Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, during the instruction in the temporary prisoner camp on the 11. January 2002". Image: US Navy / Common-free

The Jubilaum of the US camp is an example of continuing state injustice and impunity, which only a few remember and remember

Still under the pretext of the "Global war against terror" 40 people in the US prison camp Guantanamo held on Cuba. You never have received a court’s process, there is no guilty, and so these people had to be considered innocent after a burgeral view. The human rights organization amnesty internationally reminiscent of this is not a randomly yesterday. January 2021.

Finally, the day to the 19. Times the opening of this irregular camp in the marketed part of Cuba occupied by the USA. Amnesty International sets up the clear demand for the designated US Prasident Joe Biden, finally shutting the camp. Amnesty International has attached to its current report on the continued human rights violations in this camp.

19 years state injustice – also with support of German politicians

AI recalls that biders explained in February 2009 as a vice-prassident of Obama: "We Will Uphold The Rights of Those Who WE BRING TO JUSTICE. And We Will Close The Detention Facility at Guantanamo Bay." ("We will preserve the rights of those we bring in court. And we will shut up the prison camp in Guantanamo Bay") Only you have to add that biders was then 7 years vice-prassident and guantanamo is still available today.

Therefore, it is also possible that without a strong extra-parliamentary and civil society prere in the next four years, nothing is changed in the next four years. To hope, under biders, the conditions for a retreat of Guantanamo were better, should be forbidden according to the experiences of eight years Obama Government. Therefore, the prere in any case had to be much strong worldwide.

It is already striking that auber amnesty internationally hardly anyone at this from the point of view of democracy sad 19. Anniversary reminded of Guantanamo. The human rights organization had organized in Bremen for the past Saturday. Bremen was certainly not chilled.

Finally, Murat Kurnaz, whose fate as a Guantanamo adhesive in Germany has found some attention. However, there is little remaining today. The fact that the former Federal Minister Frank Walter Steinmeier has contributed to that Kurnaz had to remain long in the camp, was rarely a topic than the SPD politician became federal prosecident.

He never apologized for it. Steinmeier is usually never remembered when he once again stops one of his agbing, pathetic talks about freedom and democracy.

Like a 20. Prevent the anniversary of Guantanamo?

In the call of AI is correctly emphasized that 19 years Guantanamo also means nearly two decades of state injustice and impunity. In a paragraph, it is recalled that the former Prasident Obama promised after his investment in January 2009, to dissolve the prisoner camp within a year of annual period. In November 2009 he realized that this deadline will not be complied with.

At the beginning of 2011, the US government confident that the resolution of the camp was no longer on the agenda. The controversial military commissions were also used again, the punishment ranges to the death penalty. It also uses ingestions that have arisen under torture. Prisoners were needed to sign papers in which they explain not to initiate legal action against the US state. Torture rugged against responsible has not been investigated until today.

In the US, a few weeks ago there was a long-way New York Times article, in which part of the long-term guantanamo occupants was presented and she got face and name. This could also be a chance for a civil society movement, which actually prevents it from a sad 20. Anniversary of Guantanamo.

Especially after the Riot in and before capital in Washington, as much of the attack on the Capitol became as "Heart of democracy" puzzled. The existence and the further operation of Guantanamo is a continuing attack on the people of the people detained there. The Capitol has the detention in Guantanamo as so many other repressive macers, which affect people in the US and about wars as well as all over the world.

If a civil society movement in the US and Global was putting the goal, Guantanamo may not have a 20-year-old "Commemorate" have and an international body was formed according to the role model of the Russel Tribunal to work up the years of lawlessness in the camp, then this would be a small contribution for the fight of democracy.

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