Expo enters final phase with handbrake on

Falling visitor numbers – 100-day summary – special campaigns

Die EXPO-Strategen hatten es immer vorausgesagt: Zum Ende der Weltausstellung stromt das Volk noch einmal, um letztlich doch noch bei der EXPO 2000 gewesen zu sein. But the weather is reportedly throwing a spanner in the works of even the most cautious of forecasts. In order to attract even more visitors, the EXPO management and the participating nations have come up with various special promotions. There will definitely not be an extension.

Just under 95.000 people visit the world exhibition every day. On the occasion of Trade Union Day on 2. September was the most successful with 156.In fact, the event set a new record for attendance with more than 1,000 paying guests, which was surpassed again yesterday with a reported attendance of more than 170,000 guests. Many visitors came to listen to the pop and techno concerts of "Lovestern Galaktika meets Expo 2000" to go. Nevertheless, disillusionment is spreading, because the number of visitors is clearly declining in the meantime.

Expo enters final phase with handbrake on

In the week of 1. to 7. September came only 757.703 EXPO visitors. EXPO managing director Reinhard Volk says one reason is that almost all the people from the region have had to go back to work in the meantime. He also considers the bad weather of the past week to be a decisive factor. However, these visitor figures are still supported by the many evening visitors from the Hanover region.

Critics even ame that in the next weeks even fewer visitors will come, because the EXPO still lives to a large extent from Lower Saxon guests. Only special events like the Trade Union Day or events like the NDR attract more evening visitors to the site. Accordingly, they want to give them even more incentives in the coming weeks. Not too much has been revealed yet, but there has been talk of evening illuminations on the grounds of the world exposition or group performances such as the "World’s Fair".B. shanty choirs. The international cultural program has grown considerably, with special events taking place almost every evening. The Latin American countries in particular have enriched the EXPO in this respect.

EXPO managers, on the other hand, are satisfied with the number of Schuler visitors. Here, on Friday, a school class from Gera was buried in person by Renate Jurgens-Pieper, Lower Saxony’s Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs. In the meantime, the class has become the "millionth student" visited the world exhibition. The target here was 1.25 million, and at present firm bookings of 1.1 million before. On the same occasion, the youth camp of the 100.000 overnight guest welcomed.

100-day conclusion

Even after 100 days of the World’s Fair, there is little to be pleased about in economic terms. Birgit Breuel drew a critical balance sheet. She told dpa that not everything went as planned. She was particularly disappointed by the difference between the realistic and the planned figures. Contrary to expectations of 40 million, so far only 9.4 million people visited the World Expo. Nevertheless, she also spoke of a success in terms of content. In particular, she said, the EXPO is a living example of greater tolerance and understanding among people. It is still questionable whether the 14 million visitors recalculated in the meantime will be reached, thus reducing the deficit of 3 million visitors calculated so far.4 billion DM would not increase further.

special events

The theme park will now remain open every Friday until midnight. This decrease mainly serves the satisfaction of the evening ticket holders, because up to now one had to expect an average waiting time of 90 minutes at the theme area from 6 p.m. onwards "Planet of Visions" and the "21. Century" calculate. This special promotion will not necessarily attract more visitors to the site, especially since the evening hours have now cooled down considerably. A goal of such actions is it probably to reach a better tendency picture of the regional visitors. Only satisfied visitors who experience a lot in the remaining evening hours will swallow the krote of additional tax burdens in Lower Saxony. After all, they had their fun at the EXPO.

On its Partner Day on 28 April, VW wants to. October all 100.000 employees to the site with discounted tickets. If this project succeeds, at least in the last days of the World Expo, another record number of visitors. If the VW employees are satisfied with the "Shortly-before-goal-end-yet-again visitors" and the snatch hunters meet, could perhaps even the projected pain threshold of 450.000 visitors can be reached. In this case the gates must be closed for security reasons.

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