Pakistan: asia bibi released

Pakistan: Asia Bibi released

Asiq Masih, the husband of Asia Bibi. Photo: License: CC BY-SA 2.0

Whereas of the Blasphemy acquired Christin is kept secret, Islamists continue to demand the death penalty

The last week from the accusation of the Blasphemy acquitted Pakistani Christin Asia Bibi (cf. God’s awareness of a Christin in Pakistan) was released after a tweet of the EU Parliamentary Thrassis Antonio Tajani and a report by Vatican News from the custody and to one "secure place" spent on which her husband ASIQ Masih removal.

The Pakistani Foreign Ministry of Mohamed Faisal confirmed that Bibi now "a free burger" Be denied, but speculation, she had left Pakistan. This, so Faisal, if she was only possible if judicially decided on a new appeal application. In the absence of this renewed revision procedure, the Pakistani religious minister of Noor-Ul-Haq Qadri, together with MABs to prevent Asia Bibis, was promised to depart the leaders of the Islamist Tehreek-e-Labbaik Party (TLP), so that they have the violent riots they initiated against the End acquisition (cf. Pakistan: Fanatics keep a country in hostitude). For the case that the government does not stop this promise, the TLP has with one "revolution" threatened.

Salvini became "all human" Companies to safeguard Bibi’s security in Italy

Surgery that in Pakistan Asia Bibi’s life was in danger, the Pakistani Government contributed to clues to special security measures, which were not clearer. Vatican News after preventing such special security precautions that the Christian was murdered in the women’s prison of multitan, where two wax had planned an assassination.

Speculation about a secret journey Bibis had entered the Italian Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini, who said he was, "all human" Companies to safeguard Bibi’s security in Italy, highlighting the differences between it on the one and illegally ramped economic migrant on the other side. He was the only politician who responded to an asylum application by Asia Bibi’s husband. Great Britain and Canada, who had also addressed Asiq Masih, did not respond either at all or keep their reaction secret.

Lawyer has asked asylum application in the Netherlands

Saiful Malook, the Muslim lawyer of Asia Bibi, had already left Pakistan last Saturday and put an asylum application in the Netherlands. He also fears not only about his security, but also around his family. He will only return to the renewed revision procedure if the military for his safety guarantees. "Painful" As the violent riots of Islamists he had expected, for him is the appeasing response of the state authorization.

It is also available by Omar Waraich, the Sudasiendirector of Amnesty International, and from Pakistani media like the newspaper Dawn criticized in an editorial, "Another government [have] surrendered from the violent religious extremists who do not believe in democracy or the emergence". Waraich focused in his criticism particularly at the Prasident Imran Khan, which had been in the election campaign since mid-August, who had chosen to restore the rule of the right.

TLP politician Muhammad Afzal Qadri called "Wachter, driver or cook" To do this, the judges to dead

So far not yet abroad for asylum have searched the three judges, the Asia Bibi last week freely languages. You too have to worry about your life, after the TLP politician Muhammad Afzal Qadri publicly announced, they had "deserves death" and your "Wachter, driver or cook" should you "before the evening" kill. Stay alive, she could bring her profession to the US Congress Committee on religious freedom after potentially often in danger: according to which there are about 40 more accused in Pakistani fears, which threatens the execution or lifelong detention because of the accusation of blasphemy.

The basis for the indictment against it is a law in 1986 under the then US-Dictator Zia Ul-Haq, which in § 295c for the insult of the Islamic prophet Muhammad provides the death penalty and for a steam of the Koran according to § 295b a lifetime imprisonment. § 298 threatened in addition the violation of religious cumbers generally with one year imprisonment and a fine, § 298a sees for "Sloping comments" in religious context up to three years imprisonment and a fine before. Also highly punished is the "abuse" Religious titles and concepts as well as the self-representation of non-Muslims as Muslims.

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