Nsa spah program: snowden answers eu parliamentarians

"Were you remember if you are looking for intelligence services due to your political convictions?"

New enthusiasts does not pack Edward Snowden in his answers to questions from some, selected EU parliamentarians. He does not want to anticipate the journalists who evaluate his material as he emphasizes in several places. But in the 12-page document that has been published today, as always interesting details can be found. In the wise, pracisential description of the situation, the monitoring capacity and the concept behind the intelligence gross access, it delivers the parliamentarians – so they are ready – a convincing antidote against the phrase building, with which the US and friendly governments the massive burglary in the Private Save of Burgern and business secrets of companies to warm and legitimize.

We should be worried. This is the recurring message of the statements Snowdens, which was announced in February as an important testimony of testimony, whereupon there are a few days later struck that the thing was premier burst, because one did not agree on the survey.

You can also explain this with political interests. Evident will ask for the question of why no European country is a political asylum. He has therefore asked for several EU countries, Snowden, but deputies of different parliaments had told him that the US has this, word: "unable to allow". Thus, for him the Ratsel had released why he with his contribution to one "Mysterious resistance" be met.

The EU Member States are urged to charge their laws

The influence of the USA to the EU partner states is roughly. This is also reflected in the answer Snowden’s answer to the question of cooperation between NSA and EU Member States. The intelligence cooperation has already become clear through the previous enthusiasms. In his statement, however, Snowden emphasizes an element that so far was more in the background: that it is one of the most important activities of the foreign department (Foreign Affairs Division) of the NSA, the EU Member States to urge their laws to increase mass monitoring enable. In Germany, the melt cover (GG 10) have been softened in Germany.

Lawyers of the NSA as well as the British GCHQ have also been very intensively working to identify loopholes in the laws and commemorative fundamental rights to justify trawling operations. The strategy is to vote, which is one of the intelligence services "Pollute public debate" drove to escape the ground.

from "National security interests" to "legitimate purposes"

In this context, there is also a change in fundamental rhetoric, the Snowden observed. So, if the purpose of the monitoring is to be legitimated, governments were now less speaking of national security interests, but of "legitimate purposes" a secret service, which explores foreign interests (Valid Foreign Intelligence Purposes). This allows you to monitor the monitoring before your own openness and conceal at the same time that it will be wired yourself.

Europe is intelligent a bazaar, Snowden, the respective secret services give the NSA accessible, with the reference to the condition that the respective state laws have to be followed that in the Danian data material is not looking for Danen durfe, for that thirst in German Data material to Danen are looking for and in the Danish to German, etc. – how they have already shown on early enthusiasms.

Material for call harm

If he had kept his post, Snowden, he was now able to gain an insight into the mails of each EU parliamentarian. The range and the possibilities how the monitoring material can be used makes it clear on the basis of the enthusiasm over the monitoring of the Yahoo chats (Yahoo emport over video chat tap by GCHQ). Sexually explicit material is perfectly suitable for the call damaging, which is widely practiced by intelligence services.

I wonder if you ever represented a political position, on the basis of which the NSA or the GCHQ or a secret service of an EU Member State could take the attempt to "radical" portray? Were you know if you are looking for intelligence services due to your political convictions? If you were sought to discredit you because of your private communication, you will discover the culprits and can prove this?

And there is to be considered: they are MPs. Try to imagine the impact of such intelligence activities against usual burgers without power to present privileges or agents. Are the intelligence activities that are necessary, adequate and of impressive importance for national security?

The interest of governments to justify intelligence activities is dwindling

Given the companies of their countries, the commercial production and the SWIFT Agreement, the deputies should keep in mind that global monitoring is used during the industrial espionage purposes. That’s a main goal of US intelligence services and the best-related secret in Washington.

At the same time, Snowden warns, there are indications for the fact that within governments, the interest of noid to justify intelligence activities or to restrict a specific MAB or that they are responsible for responsibility. One should be very worried about which Prasendez put this action.

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