Fbi search of trump’s lawyer

fbi search of trump's lawyer

Stormy Daniels. Photo by Jimi Photog. License: CC BY-SA 2.0

Chances of Mueller and Sessions being removed from office increased

Currently, the U.S. media is agitated by allegations made by former porn star Stephanie Cliffords, a.k.a "Stormy Daniels", she had a one-night stand with the current president in the mid-’00s after a golf tournament and spanked him with a magazine – which he denies. Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen paid her 130 in 2016 anyway.000 dollars to keep her quiet he says. A not uncommon practice among celebrities and reputable companies in the U.S. in that lawsuits can take a long time and easily become more expensive, even if eventually won. Trump was reportedly unaware of this payment, which was made through a shell company. According to his spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders, he had only been told that there had been a settlement with Daniels in his favor.

Now FBI officials searched Cohnen’s office at Rockefeller Center and the hotel room at the Loews Regency where he is currently living because his apartment is being renovated. A Cohen’s own attorney Stephen Ryan according to "completely unreasonable" Mabnahme, which violated the right to protected communication between attorney and client. Because Cohen has cooperated fully with investigators in the Stormy Daniels trial, she was also "unnoticed" been.

The investigation into the Stormy Daniels case does not concern the (in principle legal) payment of hush money per se, but rather unclear and possibly illegal surrounding circumstances: While Cohen is of the opinion that Daniels is guilty of violating a confidentiality agreement signed by her and thereby risks a contractual penalty of up to 20 million euros, the woman who, among other things, is the subject of the film, believes that she is guilty of a violation of the confidentiality agreement Operation Desert Stormy that the nondisclosure agreement was not valid because Trump, by his own admission, never signed it. Therefore, she filed on 6. Marz filed a lawsuit in California Superior Court seeking to have the agreement declared invalid by the courts. She also claims to have been threatened in a Las Vegas parking lot by an unidentified man who told her to "Leave Trump alone".

Also seized data carriers and documents unrelated to the Daniels case

According to Ryan’s information, the searches are due to the Russia Affair Special Investigator Robert Mueller, although they were not based on that, but on the Stormy Daniels case. A legal basis for such an action by Mueller can be found in U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 28, Section 600.4. In addition, data carriers and documents unrelated to the payment to the former porn actress were reportedly seized – including cell phones, emails, tax notices and business records.

Trump therefore called the searches a "Disgrace", as "infamously", as "total witch hunt", as "a whole new level of unfairness" and as "Attack on our country". Asked whether he would now dismiss special investigator Mueller, the president said: "We will see what happens." Many people had advised him to do just that – and in the case of former FBI Director James Comey, the decision was exactly right in any case, as his present "Lugen" show were.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ bias claim, which he used to justify Mueller’s appointment, Trump described as a "terrible mistake". That Sessions feels biased about the Russia investigation is something he should have said before he was appointed, because then he wouldn’t have been attorney general in the first place, Trump said. A hint that not only Mueller’s but also Sessions’ chair is shaking. It is unlikely that Sessions’ current deputy Rod Rosenstein will become the new Attorney General: Yesterday, the President again accused him of having ordered the surveillance of one of his campaign staffers.

China is giving in

The Cohen searches were also allowed to grate on Trump because they distract from something he can chalk up as a success: After imposing and threatening punitive tariffs, Chinese President Xi Jinping addressed all key U.S. demands yesterday at the Asian Davos equivalent of Boao, announcing a "new phase of openness" in which China will reduce its own import tariffs and investment restrictions and import more to reduce trade surpluses. There will also be tougher penalties for infringement of intellectual property rights. In doing so, Xi said "the door opened even further" and acknowledged that the "economic globalization an irreversible development of the time" be.

But beyond the Cohen case, Trump’s own threats against Syria are also diverting attention from this trade policy success (cf. Trump will have to strike harder against Syria this time).

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