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EXPO helps its employees to find a new job

If it is not already over because of lack of money, the contract with EXPO GmbH ends for most employees on 31 December 2000.12.2000. Only a few of them still have ongoing contracts for 2001. An outplacement service area has now been set up so that employees can present their promoder/files to future employers on the Internet. Striking is the fact that no executives have to look for a new field of activity.

EXPO presents itself as a modern service company and ames social responsibility for its existing employees. An outplacement area has been set up on the Internet to support career reorientation. In order for potential employers to get an idea of the vacant employees in advance, 12 areas from the EXPO’s field of activity were compiled. The EXPO website goes one step further and offers, in addition to the detailed description on the Internet, a direct contact for employee placement, because many employers will not be familiar with the wide range of tasks of an EXPO employee.

At present, applications are being received from more than 400 employees in areas such as "International participants", "Theme Park and Worldwide Projects", "Culture and events", "Information and Telecommunications Management" or "Finance and controlling". The project manager as well as the secretary or the career starter are ready to be contacted. Tabular CVs provide an overview of previous career and experience. The names have been omitted, presumably for reasons of data protection, but some applicants have already introduced themselves with a photo.

Among all the contenders, however, there is hardly any of the well-known leaders of the EXPO. From the governing body of the EXPO are represented only project leaders. Probably there are other application and mediation instances for them or they do not start a new activity any more. EXPO Commissioner General Mrs. Breuel, for example, according to her own statements, will no longer be available to the labor market. She only wants to take care of her garden and grandchildren.

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