Deputies treated like schoolchildren

Even with Australian deputies, filters for Internet access are installed

Australian parliamentarians are obvious. Since the 1.1.In 2000, the controversial censorship law came into force for the Internet, by the obscene or somehow impact and illegal websites abroad from the Internet providers for the Australian burgers by filters must be blocked. But now it was apparently from the "Internet Nannies" the government also the parliamentarians, as the Sydney Morning Herald reported, the access to the unavoidable websites blocked.

So attracts an equal rights, as is a democratic society. In Germany, since the entry into force of the Broadcasting Services Act 22 websites have been prompted to go from the network. As a rule, it was dealt with websites with pornographic content. For the censorship, Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA) does not know the addresses of the websites from salaries of data protection (the difficulties with censorship). Since January 90 complaints have been submitted. Because of the censorship law, however, some websites have already migrated abroad.

Australia plays a pioneering role in the western world with the censorship law, because many governments, as well as the EU (filter critics are not paid), remember, with filtering their burgers against unwanted content too "protection". But there is another problem, in addition to the freedom of opinion and information, which has just become a problem in Australia, because now the censary acceptance has caught the parliament of New South Wales. One week ago, the parliamentarians were notified by the Australian Government that websites "filtered" will contain the criminal instructions, pornographic contents and contact with prostitutes. But also websites with chucks or racist content are also censored. The mockage loose from the parliamentarians Arger. The deputy Ernie Page complained, for example, that parliamentarians thus like "Schoolchildren" be treated. Due to the lack of access to information, they were no longer sufficiently adequately participating in discussions: "I am shocked, if not surprised that this decision has been taken without any exporting consultation."

Also Rob Brian, created for the parliamentary library, complained because the parliamentarians can no longer be sufficiently sufficiently problematic websites. But they had to know which racist arguments are published on websites, whether there are problems with sex sites and whether websites with chucks in young people drove to unpounded instructions. Without access to these websites, employees were able to present the deputies no more reports on the gluckspiel industry on the Internet. Brain asked – as well as whether the blocking of websites with chucks also affects the borses and online trading with securities.

Apparently, however, the censary acceptance is also buried by some. So the deputy Charlie Lynn said, he discovered in the yellow pages in his Buro pages with offers: "You have to be removed immediately."

However, the government came the news that the New South Wales parliament had only false false with filters, which are scheduled for the state ministries: "That was a mistake. We are waiting for the parliament to tell us if you want to keep the filters or see them away."

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