Contact to et spat at the latest in 30 years

Futurologist Allen Tough over laser messages, interstellar probes and galactic projects

In addition to the SETI Institute is also searched differently after Auberrard intelligence. As in their opinion, it is not possible to extinguish that Auberrish civilizations overweight our earthly telecommunications, a group under the direction of Professor Allen Tough has been publishing an invitation to ET in the World Wide Web for some time.

Dr. Allen Tough is a dazzling figure of the Scientific Community. His original research area Adult Learning Teached the emeritized professor long at the Canadian University of Toronto. Without having to deal with Tough’s work, so a colleague, you can not have an appreciation, which researcher and adventure spirit is behind its quiet species hiding and how much he enriched science with his ideas and thoughts.

In the 80s, Tough’s academic order expanded. Since then, Tough has also been researching in other areas: the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, the long-term future of human civilization, its search for an individual and social purpose, and how the contact to an aiberian intelligence was determined our future.

In the telepolis interview, Tough certainly shows that you do not have 1000 years on contact with an extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI).

Tough: The advantage, if you look into the future for 1000 years, is that there are probably three types of contact have been arrived: we will leave our solar system and have found other civilizations, other civilizations will have come here and have found us and we will have found radio – or laser embassies with other civilizations that do not travel from certain findings. Already in the next 20 or 30 years a kind of contact will probably occur, but not all three. Why expect it in the near future?

Tough: If there are several civilizations in our galaxy, it is very likely that you are already traveling through the room, because they are old than our civilization. Our sun is very young and we are it too. We will certainly travel far in the next 100 to 200 years, far beyond our solar system. In both ways we will find each other. Does not the first way involve the possibility that we have been visited for a while?

Tough: Naturally. I believe that a very intelligent way of probe has already reached our planet. This could be very, very small, maybe like a drink dose, like a basketball or maybe just as small as my thumb. She was able to observe our telecommunications and learn everything about our civilization by analyzing about our radio broadcasts. Believe that such objects could be responsible for UFO observations?

Tough: That could be. I tap these probes are very small, while many UFO observations, rough objects with flashing lights, hatches and beings looking through the hatches are described. But you can not prove the possibility that behind UFO reports is actually aware of Auberrish intelligence. Allen Tough illustrated his concept of an aiberian interstellar probe believe that interstellar traveling are normal for advanced civilizations?

Tough: As far as we know, that seems very normal and very natural. We are going to explore new continents. We discover new oceans and mountains. Why should not we leave as far as possible in our galaxy to discover you? And why should we think other civilizations are different? Humanity is an advanced civilization when considering wars and pollution?

Tough: We are such a mix. On the one hand, we are advanced in our technology, in our potential to tackle tasks. On the other hand, we are less advanced how we use this potential sometimes. What could be the effect of a contact to an ETI?

Tough: The most closer advantage of a contact with the fact that we received practical information on how to make things how to travel faster, as you can reach other stars or how we reorganize our governments or social organizations. But we were also getting answers to coarse questions, about religion, about the nature of the universe, our place in it and our relationship with other civilizations in the galaxy. We also became part of a galactic project. Maybe other civilizations already collect information and we can contribute something to create new knowledge. Or maybe we all work together a galactic symphony or a galactic artwork. Maybe there is also a kind of intergalactic philosophy project. As always this project may look like, it will be incredibly exciting to be a part of it.

The Seti Institute was unwilling to take care of all the tough. His work on the production of a contact by means of interstellar probes is based on other amptions than the work of the institute, which searches for signals of civilizations remote solar systems (cf. About the search for Auberrish intelligence)

The principles of the SETI Institute also do not have a message to send to a kind of external intelligence, before not consulting at international level (cf. With Auberdischer you do not kick so easily in a dialogue). Here, too, all Tough Enters New Paths: Greetings on the amption that Aubertirdian probes analyze the terrestrial telecommunications – and thus the Internet as a collective brain – is an invitation to all ETI on its website

IF You Originated In Some Other Place In The Universe, WE Welcome You Here. And We Invite You to Establish Communication With Us And With All Of Humanity. WE enthusiastically look forward to that dialogue.

Allen Tough and 80 like-minded people hope for the UNESCO, the International Academy of Astronautics, the Planetary Society and other groups and non-governmental organizations invitations. The gross the variety of invitations, the more likely an answer was a foreign civilization.

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