“Bitter reasons” for country match cancellation

In order to protect the population, Interior Minister de Maizière did not want to say anything more about the short-term decision: "Some of these answers will unsettle the population"

It’s all about the message, the national coach explained before the test match against the Netherlands, after his team had to spend the night in the dressing room at the previous match in Paris, because of the terrorist attacks. The symbolic, not the sporting, was in the foreground, stressed Jogi Low. The match was to be "Symbol against hate and violence" become, with a "clear message" – a "Clear symbol of freedom and democracy".

Chancellor Merkel and high-ranking politicians wanted to come, including Sigmar Gabriel. The match in the HDI Arena was cancelled at short notice, however, a quarter of an hour before the access to the stadium was opened. "Bitter", said Interior Minister de Maizière at the press conference that "good, bitter reasons" had to cancel the game. He wants to take a leap of faith.

The indications of the danger of the today’s football game had condensed in the course of the evening in such a way, "that after weighing we have strongly recommended to cancel this country game".

However, he would not say what was the basis for the deviations. It depends on the message, the Minister of the Interior also indicated. He did not want to comment further on the source and the extent of the danger, he told the press.

Some of these answers will unsettle the population.

Although, according to later statements by Lower Saxony’s Interior Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD), no explosives were found and no arrests were made. But this was not foreseeable before. They did not want to take any risks: "It would not have been justifiable to hold the game".

Earlier, the Syker Kreiszeitung reported that a so-called danger man known to the authorities had been spotted in the area of the stadium in Hanover. Security forces had also discovered an ambulance containing explosives. What later turned out to be a rumor.

Hanover’s police chief Volker Kluwe gave a different reason: about 15 minutes before the gates were opened, a federal authority had given the tip-off, "that someone in the stadium wanted to detonate an explosive device". There had been "concrete danger situation for the whole of Hanover" given.

Clues should "among others" from the French secret service, among others.

According to NDR, the federal police confirmed upon request, "that a suspicious object had been found in an IC at the main station", for which several tracks had been closed off. An explosive tracker dog has struck.

Der Spiegel" reported about hints that "that a group around a named North African could be planning an attack". Specifically, there was talk of explosives, explosive belts, automatic weapons and explosive devices on the access roads. In addition, French intelligence is said to have pointed to an Iraqi sleeper agent, "who is supposed to have planned an attack on the friendly game".

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